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Father’s Day Design


Father’s Day is right around the corner. If you haven’t gone out and bought your dad a gift or a card yet… you can download this design and print it for free, just click here.

I love, love, love my dad but this will be the third year in a row that I will miss father’s day. 

 I hope everyone gets a chance to tell that special man in your life that you love him.  These two songs are for you pops! First song & second song.


Mother’s Day Design

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I love sending little notes.  With Mother’s Day just around the corner, here’s my mommy’s day design that you can download and print for free.

This is a preview of the PDF.

Open this PDF and print it on any 8.5 x 11 inch cardstock.  Fold in half length-wise and cut along the gray line. Write your mother a nice note and you have three options to give her the card…

Hand it to her (a personal favorite of mine)

Use a mailing seal along the bottom, write the address on the back and mail it with a postcard stamp (second favorite way since you save 20 cents on postage)

Or put it in a standard A2 envelope and send it on its merry way.

You choose…

A special thanks to the brilliant font designers behind EightFifteen, the font used in the design.

Happy  (early) Mom’s day to all you  amazing women out there.  I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the guidance of my strong, confident mother.  Love ya mommy!

Yellow Crane Designs has launched!


Alana, the designer behind Yellow Crane Designs, prepared for her big day like any other bride—excited to plan every detail. But she soon found herself underwhelmed with the limited invitation choices on her and her husband-to-be’s small budget.  Determined to have the perfect, fun yet elegant invitations all on a dime, she put her graphic skills to work. She designed one-of-a-kind invites that were a huge hit among family and friends and has been helping others create the perfect invites, brochures, and logos all for less.

Planning a wedding or a special event? Let Yellow Crane Designs help.

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